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At ScoreBig, we have prices too low to even publish, but you can get them when you name a ticket price.

Here’s how it works:
1. Scan through ScoreBig and pick out the game/show/event you want to see.
2. Select a star-rating for your seats—the higher the star, the better the seats. More info on seat choice.
3. Name a ticket price. Remember to make your most competitive bid.
4. Enter your credit card info, cross your fingers and do an “I’m feeling lucky” dance. Dance fast you’ll find out instantly.
5. Score! Your bid was accepted and you’re off to the game.*

*If your bid is declined, you have to wait 24 hours to make another bid on seats JUST in that star level for the event you bid on. Remember, you can still bid on seats in other star levels as well as for other events.

Savings Guide

Those are the basics, but here’s how to save the most.

  • Bid smart: You only get to make one Instant Bid every 24-hours for each seating area so you want your bid to be accepted. For example, if tickets are $250 full price, odds are that your $5 bid isn’t going to be successful.
  • Use the Instant Bid Indicator: The colored bar right below the bid box is there to help you. Enter different numbers to see the “bid success potential,” which is just a fancy way of saying whether or not your ticket price will be accepted.
  • Wait for the Green Light: The Instant Bid Indicator is all about color. Remember, red means stop and green means go. The more green your bid, the more likely you’ll score those seats.

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