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Buying Tickets

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Can I get tickets for events that aren’t on your website? 0 1,615  by Jared
Will my seats be together? 0 3,783  by Jared
Why don’t you show seat numbers? 0 2,614  by Jared
Do kids need tickets? 0 1,109  by Jared
When will ScoreBig email my order confirmation? 0 1,436  by Aja
Is the price I pay the same as the price on the ticket? 0 2,419  by Aja
How does ScoreBig price tickets? 0 2,223  by Aja
Why was my offer declined? 0 2,602  by Aja
What happens if I don't receive an accepted or declined notification after completing my offer? 0 1,664  by Aja
What is Full Price? 0 1,414  by Aja
What happens if lose or forget my tickets to the event? 0 1,382  by Aja
What is General Admission? 0 866  by Jared
Why might my seat change? 0 30,757  by Aja
Can I purchase ADA Seating? 0 642  by Aja