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100% Guarantee

ScoreBig Help Desk September 10, 2010

Our guarantee is as simple as our site. If you don't get what you ordered, you get your money back and more. No excuses, no fine print (ok, a little fine print).

ScoreBig 100% Guarantee

  • Tickets will always be below Full Price*
  • Fast confirmations and prompt, professional ticket delivery always in time for the event
  • Tickets will always be authentic and valid for entry
  • You will get the exact seat rating you ordered or better
  • You will be refunded if the event is cancelled
  • A safe, secure ordering system that is backed by the most reputable security companies on the web

*Full Price

*Full Price is the single event ticket price first published by venue, team, artist, producer, or promoter for a specified event and seat location including all associated fees including convenience and delivery charges. Does not include season ticket pricing, any promotions, specials, or discounts offered after the first on-sale. So in layman's terms, this is the regular retail price you would pay for the same ticket if you purchased it directly from the venue/promoter on the first day it went on sale.

ScoreBig uses all publicly available information to determine the Full Price for all events, but in some instances we may be unable to obtain all of the correct information.  If you believe you paid more than Full Price, please contact ScoreBig’s customer service at

All requests, including receipts, are subject to independent verification by ScoreBig. ScoreBig will not verify any request that it believes, in its sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error, or is made fraudulently or in bad faith.

Click here for more information about our 100% Guarantee.

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